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The Leadership Series

Susie Rotch Psychologist

Welcome to the Leadership pages

There are two main publications in this series. They are both about the theories and techniques of leading a learning group to get the most out of the dynamics of the group’s interaction with it’s members and the leader. Both books lavishly illustrate the the concepts with real life examples on the accompanying DVDs.

By dynamics we mean that regardless of the subject any group may join together to study, the group itself will have a forming process and identity that a leader can utilize to maximize learning opportunities.

Resourced and supported by a toolbox of proven and practical concepts, the leader can plan and guide the group and the individuals in the group. Once properly formed a learning group will be more effectively able get then on with the business of learning what they nominally came together to learn. Management, performance and resolution strategies can be established early and the group’s identity and ethos can be built on an explicit but adaptable framework.

The first title is:

LEADERSHIP: How to get the Very Best from Your Teaching or Training Groups
This course is for anyone leading a teaching, training or coaching group. It presents a uniquely integrated set of psychological models combined with a wealth of practical exercises for the reader to explore the application of these powerful individual and group management strategies.

The book also comprehensively covers many areas of group behavior, motivation, structure and pacing, leader self care and ethical issues.

The course prescribed is a very practical, immediately applicable sequence of leadership techniques, and more importantly concepts, that can be used in any teaching or training group. It is accompanied by a seperate Administrators’ Manual for any learning group or organisation purchasing class sets.

The manual/journal incorporates a DVD which illustrates the key concepts with many real life examples. Once the theories are presented we can see them operating in video sequences recorded in a wide variety of learning groups.

The graphics and live action scenes in the DVD are very high quality and reflect the innovation, clarity and light-heartedness of Susie’s accessible and ‘user friendly’ text.

Leadership instruction

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Many of the theories explained in the book are not new - they are well accepted, mainstream psychological models - the way Susie inter links them is new. Loosely connected theories are here for the first time meshed into a very comprehensive set of unified concepts with an warehouse of practical suggestions to help you get the very best from your teaching or training group.

Build this course around your leadership needs

Leadership ( the Very Best ) is a comprehensive, self-administered leadership training course. This course is presented in a modular form.

The manual / journal is divided into three parts: please follow these links for a more comprehensive outline.

leadership reviews

Part 1.
Group process, leadership style managing anxiety.

Part 2.
Structure, planning and timing.

Part 3.
What makes groups effective, roles in groups, self rating and what makes a good group leader, self care and personal development, the ethics of group leadership

Motivation, group process,l
eadership style, managing anxiety demonstrated 

Susie's introduction to the series

Below  is an assessment made by 'specialist management teachers' at Chisholm Institute - a TAFE ( Technical & Further Education ) institution with a seven campus network. Chisholm is home to almost 40,000 local and international students.

'The book is for anyone wanting to run a learning group, that is, leadership skills for teachers / trainers.
It is designed as a manual to work through for ( leadership ) development. It could be used for Frontline Management units:

BSBFLM512A- Ensure Team Effectiveness
BSBFLM511B - develop a workplace learning environment ( Business Services Training Package )

It would also have value as a resource to support the Certificate IV and Diploma of Business Management qualifications in the Business Services Training Package BSB01

It would also have further use as a support resource for the Certificate IV and Diploma of Training and Assessment Training Package ( TAA04)'

ISBN 1 876687 07 X
Published 2004

The DVD component of this program is available in NTSC ( US TV standard ) and PAL ( Australian / European TV standard ).
AUS $99.95 + P&H

Teaching leadership prices

Exchange Rate

How to get the Very Best from your Teaching or Training Group is planned to provide you with a sound basic knowledge of learning group theory. It may take as much as six months work to get through all the exercises in this manual but that all depends on you. The structure suggested in the Trainers' Handbook assumes a 14 week semester is allocated to the course.

The second title ‘Leading Psychotherapy Groups’ is a much augmented theoretical and practical framework applied to the theory and practice of group psychotherapy.

This includes frameworks for understanding problem psychological issues and for the remediation of these.

Both titles stem from the same need to present an integrated overview of the nature and experience of learning group leadership. Good theories plus practical exercises to test and prove their effectiveness.

There are many valuable books that deal with elements of learning group leadership, the Living Skills Library publications aim at tying a series of well-known themes together into very practical but firmly theoretically-based leadership courses.

ISBN 1 876687 25 8
Published 2007

The DVD components of this program are available in NTSC
( US TV standard ) and PAL
( Australian / European TV standard ).
AUS $275.00 + P&H

Exchange Rate

Follow this link for more details about Leading Psychotherapy Groups.

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