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Self Help Cinema
Self-healing plus self-hypnosis

( The HypnoBook Series )

Leadership for learning groups
( How to get the Very Best from your
Teaching or Training Groups )

Leading Psychotherapy Groups
( Becoming an expert group therapist )

To imagine healing
we may first have to heal the imagination.


The Self-Help and leadership training courses offered here are the work of Susie Rotch. Susie is a psychotherapist and teacher with 38 years of clinical experience in helping people to learn the skills to help themselves.

Words and Images

Tell and Show. These publications are unique, they present a powerful combination of text and screen presentation. The books or diaries present the ideas behind self empowerment, the DVD screen images then multiply these resources and show examples of how these ideas work in real life.


Self Help Cinema:   self-help using your conscious and subconscious skills.

healing hypnosis
Discount Hypnosis

The HypnoBooks are a brilliant new development
of image-based, self help courses.

Quietly, safely in your own home, the HypnoBook manual helps you gently build up your skills of memory and imagination.
These are the tools you need to imagine and create a new outlook on your life.

Then the HypnoBook manual helps you plan the course of your new life of wellbeing. To reinforce these new life plans, repeated screening of the trance-inducing DVD will allow you to settle this chosen course into your unconscious and so fully resource yourself for the changes you want.

The enjoyable and entertaining hypnotic images in the hour long DVD program can be an oasis that affords you the time to enjoy a self-paced and deeply relaxing experience.

HypnoBook series
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The help a psychologist can offer

There are many reasons why people seek professional psychological assistance, however some issues can be very successfully handled by people taking charge of their own learning and healing. Self empowerment is the final goal of all psychology and with these innovative self-help and self-hypnosis courses Susie sets out the simple steps to envisage and then achieve the changes that people want for themselves.

Each title in this series comes with a 50 page manual/diary and a specially themed, hour long, self-hypnosis DVD / video to enable the viewer a peaceful, focused and repeated respite time where they can ease back to explore positive self thoughts.The DVD / video components of the self-hypnosis courses are absolutely unique in the integration of the spoken hypnosis guide and the gentle, overlapping natural visual rhythms that help focus the viewer’s attention to the underlying supportive messages.


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How to get the Very Best from your Teaching & Training Groups.

Or What I wish I knew when I first started teaching.

This is an exceptionally practical publication written by a teacher and psychotherapist with the insight to describe what she would have liked to be told at the start of her career. This publication combines the theories and techniques of modern psychology into a systematic explanation of what will happen when a group of people gather into a learning group. This is often what teachers and trainers aren't told but expected to discover from experience.

leadership management training
Healing self hypnosis

Uncommon sense, uncommon clarity.

Learning and teaching is behavior that can be seen to follow well-accepted psychological models. Susie presents a very comprehensive course on understanding the processes of group learning; motivation, group stages, leadership styles, structure & timing, role playing issues and anxiety manipulation. The topics are uniquely presented as an integrated matrix to give the learning group leader the techniques to guide the development and get the very best from their teaching or training groups.

The 280 page Manual / Journal comes with DVD / video which illustrates the key psychological models operating in a wide variety of real life examples. These illustrations range from primary schools, secondary schools, corporate management training, workplace training, sport and leisure training and psychotherapeutic training. Class sets with an administrations workbook are available.

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group therapy

Leading Psychotherapy Groups
Becoming an expert group therapist

Leading psychotherapy groups

A two volume, 550 page text incorporating four x 90 minute DVD's.

This is a very practical and comprehensive self-administered course in the theory and practice of psychotherapy group management. It is designed as a course book for anyone wanting to build or extend their skills of psychotherapy group leadership.

A very comprehensive description including pdf files of the contents and sample exercises is available. Details.

Leading psychotherapy groups
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